We implement our software systems by elaborating a project plan consisting of interdependently structured project steps. These contain:

  • The elaboration of a detailed concept in accordance to your requirements;
  • Possible realization via blomesystem® standard module, like e.g.:
    • Control of incoming goods
    • Sample planning and preparation
    • Management of test quantities (parameters, methods)
    • Management of test profiles (standard analysis plans)
    • Management of limit and nominal values
    • Test equipment management with corresponding control charts
    • Test method calibration, calculation of process characteristics
    • Test plan management
    • Recipe management
  • Accurate definition of necessary extensions to the application;
  • Installation of standard modules and extension of the implemented applications;
  • Training for administrators and users;
  • Acceptance of the system and productive start in your environment;
  • Support in the initial phase after startup.
Implement our software systems - elaborating a project plan ...